Assorted Bird Noises

by Robert Gently

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A handful of songs, recorded 2015 to 2017, that were side projects I jumped on / did something or the other with in the midst of working on My Brain is a Hole That The Weather Won't Reach. Mostly I was sick of these sitting on my computer / not being public in a collected work, and so thus I made this, so that I could put them here.

"AssortedBirdNoises" is my Steam handle.


released July 7, 2017

me me ME except in track 3 Harm ( does most of the vocals/lyrics (obviously) and did at least half of the synth lines (there is no point in me trying to explain which ones); I started off with my tagline "all the people in the world have died. . ." and did the bass drums and guitar arpeggio and we just kinda went back and forth with that, it was a good time. . . Oh and also of course track 6 features Jane who also assisted in recording My Wonderful Life, I'd written that song. . . at some point in my life, who knows? and we both went into the shed one summer and he brought out that slammin' bass work to accompany it, mostly improvised, no lie, that guy's a champ. . . then Ian does the vocals and lyrics for track 7, obviously, someone else is doing the acoustic guitar while I'm sitting in the background soloing irreverently with no idea what I'm doing. . . if you don't know ian you probably won't know why I love that fucking track so much but holy shit, do I ever, I have listened to that thing so many times, oh boy




Robert Gently Richmond, Virginia

Robert Gently was born on a cold and silent day in 1993. Raised in captivity, Robert learned to walk approximately 20 years later than the average child and was deemed to have developmental issues. Unable to express himself through walking, Robert spent his formative years developing his enjoyment of music and performance art. ... more

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Track Name: A Life in Isolation
I was a slave to a demon
And I died all by myself
And when I wake-up each morning
I always wake-up as someone else.
There's no breath in a body,
No light or time in the air.
Why look in a mirror?
You won't meet anyone there.

I drag my feet like the unwilling on a leash,
I cover my face in sand.
And the smile that hangs from my cheeks
Is one I stole from another man.
I hum when I'm tired
My body shivers when its cold
And I lived a life in isolation
Beside the impulsive, the lonesome, the old.

There is nothing worth keeping in this world,
There is nothing that's worth fighting for.
No pain or salvation, or tragedy,
No need to strain, to suffer, or endure.
You can waste all your time in your bed,
Rest won't be found anywhere but the hearse.
There is a shackle that's around my ankle,
And attached to a chain, that's attached to the Earth.

And I am a weak and small man,
There is nothing good I can do,
And there is nothing that I'd have to offer,
Not time, not company, not comfort, not truth.
My hands itch before it rains,
And my feet hurt when it storms,
And I spent a life in isolation
Beside the banal, the boring, the bored.
Track Name: Spider Webs (With Harm)
(Is that that shit she likes?)

Spider webs in my hair,
Walking down a lonely road,
Going somewhere.

The world will melt right away,
But wish it was today.
Keep a locket of her hair,
But I hated her face.
I think this shit might be laced,
Keep looking down at my grave,
The world will melt right away,
But wish it was today.

[All the people in the world have died,
Now I'm not afraid to go outside.
I don't have to hide.]

I wish everyone would die!!
I can't even go outside!!
We just get stoned as Hell,
And she just throws peace signs.
She tells me I should be nice,
Keep her close and squeeze tight;
I'll squeeze you up so hard
That guts pop out of your eyes.

I'm going out of my mind.
Let's go out for a drive.
If the sun exploded now,
I think that that would be fine.
I hate the way you stare at,
I hate the way you wear that,
I hate the way you care,
I hate the way I'm still here.

I have all these free clothes,
So you just let her know,
You can have whatever man
And my stereo.
I wish things wouldn't be so,
Can't sum it up in one note,
Wanna jump out windows
Cuz I feel so low.

I think this shit might be laced,
Keep looking 'round for my grave,
She had real messy hair,
And a messy place.
Ain't pickin' up no phone calls,
I'm off to join a cult
And when you're getting this, just
Tell her it ain't her fault.
Track Name: Pierrot at the Beach
You are Pierrot at the beach.
You are so beautiful.
You are as beautiful as the sun.
You make me wet just looking at you.

I am the rock inside your shoe
I have nothing in this world to do
No intent, no purpose, all I wanna do is look at you
I am the rock inside your shoe.

You are Pierrot at the beach.
You are Pierrot at the beach.
You are Pierrot at the beach.
You are so beautiful.
Track Name: Hangman
Don't speak to me, no, leave me be
I don't have time to talk anymore.
I've got no friends, no family,
No dates to mark, no knocks on my door.

The world has gone away from me,
I don't know where, I don't know how.
The wind that rushes through the leaves,
Is the only thing that's left of it now.

There's a place I know where no one goes,
The water is deep, the road there is long.
Don't follow me if you see me leave,
Today I'm still here, tomorrow I'm gone.

The sun, the rain, don't fall here now,
They've packed their bags and headed out town.
No cats here are spayed, the dogs are all strays,
And even when you shout, it won't make a sound.

The floors all creak, the pipes all leak,
The crows eat most anything they can find.
Be careful not to look too long,
All that you are is what you leave behind.

There's a place I know where no one goes,
The water is deep, the road there is long.
Don't follow me if you see me leave,
Today I'm still here, tomorrow I'm gone.
Track Name: Mac (With Jane)
I tried to clean my room today
And throw a couple things away
That lay in peace since early age
And long ago had decayed.

I slept an awful lot today,
Your blows to my window were in vain.
Though into my dreams they'd reverberate,
They never once found me awake.

I touched myself to porn today;
Noticing the way the scenes fade,
My erection soon grew stagnate
And slowly would evaporate.

I thought poorly of you today,
But the thought eventually went away
Into some dusty, empty space
Where all my other thoughts escape.

I'd wished I'd not been born today
And thought of where to dig a grave
Where I could be content to lay
Until run off ran me away.

I laughed for no reason today
For longer than I'd like to say
With eyes wide open and mouth agape
In my room's empty, pretty space.

I thought of you in bed today,
You open, quiet, and awake
And all therein that I could take
But that thought I would soon forsake.

I thought about myself today
But, obnoxiously, just drew a blank.
I bit my lip, stared into space
And forgot my thought in mid-blink.
Track Name: Still a Ghost (With Ian)
hell if I'm transcribing all of that