The Bottom of It All (Single)

by Robert Gently

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Demo teaser of track from forthcoming sophomore electronic album "My Brain is a Hole That The Weather Won't Reach" (predestined for sometime in 2017). Some vague moody shit about lust and suicide pacts. Features bongos and violins.


I am the oils and the ointments in your bedroom
That you choose to rub into your skin.
I am the greasy black hole in the world
That you use to ash your cigarettes in.

She knows just where I hid,
My home address, the latch-key kid.
She knows I'll never stay,
I'm never grown, I'll fade away.

There's no sense in mourning,
I'll be gone tomorrow morning.
There are trash can fires burning
And they're calling me by name.
You'll know where to find me,
I know you're right behind me,
There are lines to define me
In a deep, dark grave.

Oh, can you push me?
Baby boy, you're such a pussy
Tomorrow we can leave,
Turn off our phones and miss all calls.
There's a lake that's so deep,
At the end of my street
And we can sink, sink, sink
To the bottom of it all.

I am the boy on your street who sees you walking
And starts talking, and I don't know when to leave.
I am the bug that you don't notice on your skin
That crawls up your hand and under your sleeve.

She knows just who I am,
A bag of shit on fire, tied by wire
Left before a door that opens
And then slams.


released July 10, 2015
Special thanks to Cassidy for some of the percussive samples, and to Ben for the photo.




Robert Gently Richmond, Virginia

Robert Gently was born on a cold and silent day in 1993. Raised in captivity, Robert learned to walk approximately 20 years later than the average child and was deemed to have developmental issues. Unable to express himself through walking, Robert spent his formative years developing his enjoyment of music and performance art. ... more

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